Shape Memory Alloys

The fourth international conference "Shape Memory Alloys"

Moscow, Russia
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14 - 18 Sep 2020
НИТУ «МИСиС», Moscow, Russia

Shape Memory Alloys

The fourth international conference "Shape Memory Alloys"


The fourth international conference "Shape Memory Alloys"


About the conference

The Fourth international conference "Shape Memory Alloys" continues the tradition of regular scientific events on shape memory alloys held in different cities of the Soviet Union: Kiev (1980, 1991), Voronezh (1982), Tomsk (1985), Novgorod (1989), Kosov (1991), St. Petersburg (1995).

These days, the First conference "Shape Memory Alloys: properties, technologies, and prospects" was held in 2014 in Vitebsk (Belarus), the Second one – in 2016 in St. Petersburg, the Third one – in 2018 in Chelyabinsk.


The aim of the conference is to review modern research and development directions in the field of shape memory alloys and related phenomena: from studying their structure, physical, mechanical, and functional properties to mathematical modeling of the shape memory materials’ behavior and their applications. The conference schedule will comprise oral and poster presentations in the framework of three parallel sections:

·   Structure, martensitic transformations and shape memory effects in alloys.

·   The theory of martensitic transformations and shape memory effect: modeling and calculations.

·   Novel materials. The manufacturing technology and application of shape memory alloys.


In the framework of the conference, a competition of undergraduate and PhD students’ reports will be run.


Working languages of the conference – Russian and English

The book of abstracts will be published by the beginning of the conference.

Materials of the conference will be published on the request of the authors in English in IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (Scopus, WoS) and in Russian in Deformation & Fracture of Materials.


Key dates:

May 15 - abstract submission

July 1 - submission of participant application and contract

August 1 - registration fee payment

August 1 - article submission

August 20 - The final program of the conference.


Abstracts, participant applications and contracts are sent to the scientific secretary of the conference Dr. Sergey Dubinsky by e-mail


Национальный исследовательский технологический университет «МИСиС»


National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"

Saint-Petersburg University

"Interstate Coordinating Council for Physics of Materials Strength and Plasticity"


Organising Committee

The Chairman: M.R. Filonov, Moscow, Russia


S.D. Prokoshkin, Moscow, Russia

N.N.Resnina, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A.M. Glezer, Moscow, Russia



Scientific Secretary: Dubinskiy, S.M, Moscow, Russia


Members of the organizing committee:

S.P. Belyaev, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

V.I. Betekhtin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

V. Brailovski, Montreal, Canada

V.D. Buchelnikov, Chelyabinsk, Russia

R.Z. Valiev, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A.E. Volkov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

V.E. Gunther, Tomsk, Russia

S.V. Dobatkin, Moscow, Russia

Yu.S. Zhukova, Moscow, Russia

М.P. Kashchenko, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Yu.N. Koval, Kiev, Ukraine

А.S. Konopatsky, Moscow, Russia

А.V. Korotitskiy, Moscow, Russia

S. Kustov, Palma, Spain

А.I. Lotkov, Tomsk, Russia

А.А. Movchan, Moscow, Russia

R.R. Mulukov, Ufa, Russia

V.А. Plotnikov, Barnaul, Russia

N.N. Popov, Sarov, Russia

V.V. Rubanik, Vitebsk, Belarus

G.S. Firstov, Kiev, Ukraine

Yu.I. Chumlyakov, Tomsk, Russia


Program committee

The chairman: V.V. Khovaylo, Moscow, Russia


Program committee members:

V.А. Andreev, Moscow, Russia

I.V. Bychkov, Chelyabinsk, Russia

D.V. Gunderov, Ufa, Russia

V.I. Zel'Dovich, Ekaterinburg, Russia

L.М. Kaputkina, Moscow, Russia

I.V. Kireeva, Tomsk, Russia

V.V. Koledov, Moscow, Russia

M.Yu. Kollerov, Moscow, Russia

Yu.R. Kolobov, Chernogolovka, Russia

G.V. Markova, Tula, Russia

G.А. Malygin, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Е.Yu. Panchenko, Tomsk, Russia

М.I. Petrzhik, Moscow, Russia

V.G. Pushin, Ekaterinburg, Russia

A.I. Razov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

V.V. Rubanik (jr), Vitebsk, Belarus

Е.P. Ryklina, Moscow, Russia

V.V. Stolyarov, Moscow, Russia

I.Yu. Khmelevskaya, Moscow, Russia

V.G. Shavrov, Moscow, Russia

А.V. Shelyakov, Moscow, Russia

V.А. Sheremetyev, Moscow, Russia


Local Organizing Committee


К.А. Polyakova, Moscow, Russia

V.S. Komarov, Moscow, Russia


Members of the local organizing committee:

А.А. Korobkova, Moscow, Russia

R.D. Karelin, Moscow, Russia

А.А. Kudryashova, Moscow, Russia

P.О. Kadirov, Moscow, Russia

К.Е. Lukashevich, Moscow, Russia

Т.О. Teplyakova, Moscow, Russia

А.Yu. Tokmacheva-Kolobova, Moscow, Russia

М.S. Tsaturyants, Moscow, Russia


For all the conference-related questions, please contact the Conference Secretary Dr. Sergey Dubinskiy at
For registration after 12/31/2019, please contact the Conference Secretary Dr. Sergey Dubinskiy at

Cost of participation

Registration fee without publication or with Russian-language publication:

Regular participant - 12,000 rubles.

Students and PhD students * - 8,000 rubles.

Registration fee with English-language publication:

Regular participant - 18 000 rubles.

Students and PhD students * - 14,000 rubles.


* Students and PhD students are required to provide the proof of their full-time student status by sending the scanned copy of a confirming document to conference secretary by e-mail